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A Railroad Official's Experience. MR. EDWARD EDMONDS, long connected with railroad construction in Nebraska.wrttes: "Myhearttroubled and palnod me for 19 years. Shortness of breath was the constant and most common symptom. Intense, excruciating pain, generally f ollowed any severe exertion. Falntness, hunger without any appetite ; fluttering that made me clutch my breast, and palpitation that oftenstaggered me as if I would f all, were frequent attacks. Again, everything would turn black if I arose f rom a stooping posture quickly. Sleepless nights with their ViT IVIfiP' prostrating unrest were Ui. ïunvo numerous and I could Hcsxt Cure get n rest day r nisnt_ 1 consulted leading phyRCStOrCS sicians and tried adverTTprti+1 tised remedies. They XlCaiül.9.0... gave me no relief. One of Dr. Miles' circulars described my case so exactly that I took Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure and I am now a well man. I hope every one troubled with heart disease will try Dr. Miles' remedies. If they will write me personally, I will gladly give them full details of my experience." Edw. Edmonds. P. O. Box 65, David City, Nebraska. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on guarantee that first bottla beneflts or money refunded.


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