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Pingree's private secretary has declflve...

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Pingree's private secretary has declflved for Bryan and Sewall. Ex-Governor Cyrns Q. Luce, the last republican governor bnt one in this state, has come out openly in advocaoy of the eJection of Bryan and Sewall. And there are many more intelligent, thinking republican farmeis who are doing likevrise. The state of Michigan needs in Washington a congressrnan who tlïorooghly nnderstauds the congressional legislativo ropes, of wide aequaintance, a brainy rnan, and an indefatigable worker. The democrats of the Detroit congressional district have an opportnnity to place snch a mau in congress in Frank H. Hosford, tally clerk of the last demooratc house and ex-secretary of the democratc state central cornmitee. He is a worker who could do his district and state raucn good in congress. The bolting democrats held a mass meeting this week in Lansing, which ■was attended by abont; 80 respectabie men after the state had been presistently drnmmed for attendance. This mass convention assumed to be the wbole democratio party and nominated a 6tate ticket, electors and formed a state corumittee, thus forming in this state its yonngest political party. This it had a perfect right to do, but it went far in teaching political morality, the great hobby of the new party, when tbey stole the name of the oldest and most time honored party in the country. The ticket nominated, dnes not appeal to the public as made up of men with state reputarions. The oppositiou to the republican party in this state has made comruon cause in favor of the one great issue of the day and have uniterl in forrning one state ticket. Tbey have realiy been compelled to do this by the unjust repnblican law whioh prevents auy candidate having his name on the ticket more than once. So, in order that all the voters who wished to vote for Bryan conld vote tbeir choice the three parties, democratie, free-silver and populists united in one state ticket. The numinee for goveruor, Charles R. Sligb, of Grand Rapids, is a furniture tnanufacturer and a free-silver republican, who bas aoted with the republican party nntil tbe gold plank of Hanna íorced hira to declare against McKinley. Ilis neighburs hold h'im in the highest regard. The nominee for lieutenaut gevernor is that peerJess demoorat Justin R. Wbiting of St Clair. Alired J. JVlurphy, the brilliant young attorney of Detroit, and well known in this county is tbe nominee for attorney general. The other nominees are Otto E. Karste (dein.) of Gogebic, for state treasurer; A. E Cole, (pop.) of Livingston, for auditor-general ; Martin _Loennecker (pop.) of Jackson, for land eommissioner ; Frauklin S. Dewey, (dein. ) of Alpena, for state board of ednoatiou. The demócrata have indicated iu this state their weloome to the free-silver republicans, by giving thern the nomination for goveruor.


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