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Altgeld And Pingree

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Michigan repubiicans have been endeavoring to check the stampede frora the republican party into the rauks of the Bryan supporters by denouncing Gov. Altgeld as an anarchist because of his opposition to the sending of troops to Chicago at the time of the Pullman strike. Bat if Altgeld's support of Bryan is a reason why law-abiding citizens should vote against hini, what can be said of these repubiicans who are joining with Mayor Pingree in supporting Major MoKinley? In Pingree's book oalled "Facts and Opinions" Mr. Pingree used such langnage in denouncing the use of federal troops at Chicago that the objeotions of Gov. Altgeld are mild by comparison. If Altgeld is an anarchist Pingree is the embodiment of anarchy, and yet Pingree has Leen nominated by tbe republican party for the highest office in the state and he has pledged hiruself to the support of McKiuley and thfi gold-basi8 policy. It is time tbat those repnblicau editors and orators who have been talking about auarchy shonld take to tbe woods. -


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