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Saratoga, Aug. 25. - The state Repubüean convention to nomínate candldates for governor and lieutenant governor met here Tuesday. "VVhen Mr. Platt entered the convention hall the entire assemblage rose. The applause was deafening. Mr. Platt's usual nervousness was apparent when one of the bands played "Hail to the Chief" and he did not look particularly pleased. As the applause subsided an enthusiastic spectator shouted "Three cheers for Thomas C. Platt," and the cali was answered with a will. Mr. Platt stopped to shake hands with Mr. Hiscock and then went to nis seat. At 12:22 Benjamin Odell, in the absence of State Chairman Hackett, called the convention to order and Bishop Newman offered prayer. Congressman Frank Black was selected to be temporary chairman. He delivered a lengthy address, in which he discussed the financial issue and criticised the Democratie platform. At 1:20 p. m. a recess was taken until 5 p. na.


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