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Suicide Of A Robber

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Chicago, Aug. 25.- Findiug himself shut sff from nll means of escape, a burglar, í'hose Identity is as yet undtscovered, shot ind instantly killed himself near the corner of Twelfth street and Lawndale avenue Momlay evening. Attho time he was being pursued by several pólice officers under the leadership of Lieuteuaut Cosgrove, of the Lawndale pólice station, and they had so far jrained upon him that he would soon have boen in oustody. The fugitive becanie desperate when he realized this and turnel in his tracks to face his pursuers, at the sama time drawing a revolver. He üred one shot at the oflicers before turning the weapon upon himself, but the bullet flew wide of its intended mark. When he followcd this shot with a Becond he staggered and feil on the spot where he was standing, directly in front of the pólice. The oflicers found that life was i'xtinct when they pickeJ up the limp form. The body is now at the couuty morgue, wair nr Identification. Uiscovcr of thfi Burglar. The man had been discovered leavlng a house at öST Spalding avenue by Liautenant Cosgrove, who was passing the place at the time on the way to his supper. A number of boys who were standing in front of the house called his attention to the fact, as they said a man was in the house. The lieutenaut was on the point of entering the place wnen one of tho youngsters called out that the stranger was just then esoaping over the rear fence. Lieutenant Cosgrove then took up the chase, which ended in the death of the fugitive. The man ran down Lawndale avenue and then turned into Twelfth Street. The lieutenant was soon joined by three of his oflicers, Policemen Byan, Clark, and Horan, and with this assistance it proved au easy matter to bring the man to bay. The burglar was not ïnueh of a runner and was soon exhausted. The otlicers closed in upon him, only to be called upon to bear a way a corpse. He Searched for Moiley. The house at íJo. ot) öpalJlug avenue is the resklenee of George R. Bracken, a clerk at No. 14S Market streec. At the time of the tragedy none of his family was at home, a)id they did not return until the pólice had taken possession of the place, in order to establish the charge of burglary against the dead man and relieve their consciences. Of this there was found ampie evidence, though the burglar apparently was able to lay his hands upon little that he eared lo carry away. What he took, strange to say, was an ambrella belonging to M s. 'Bracken. Why he did not attempt to take more booty is ascribed to the fact that he beoania frighte ied at the approach oí LiouConant Cosgrove, whom he .must have seen through the window. The theory is borne out by the condición of the house diseovored a f ter the mas killed hiroself. The whole place was torn up as if the resi lents contemplated moving. Drawers and closets wero open, carpeta and mattresses had been torn up, and household effects were scattered abouC the floor. Considerable Monej in the House. Bracken is the treasurer of a number of secret societies, among thein the Foresters, and he says he is in the habit of keeping considerable cash in tho house. Judging by the appenrance of things, the pólice ttiink the dead man may havo known of this fact aud gone into the house for the purpose of socuring money and nothing else. The burglar was extremely well dressed for a man in the ordinary everyday thieving business, and it is supposed he would not have attemptcd to carry aw y such booty as cl thing aud tho like, even if he had been given the opportunity. The boys who discovered him were playing about the neig:iborhood at the time. They live within a short distance of the Bracken house and have an acquaintance with the meinbers of the family. Thus they were aole to teil that the burglar was a stranger in the house. Iheir suspicions were fu heightened by the scrange rnanner in whioh he uoted the situation of the building and ;ippeared to satisf y himseli that tliLTe was no one at home.


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