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An Aeronaut Loses His Life

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After makiug balloon ascensions for seveu years, Edward Cole, of Aun Arbor, was drowned in the bay at Toledo, Suuday. He was acconipanied in the ascensión by Miss Lillian Trotwine, a Toledo watiress, it being her first ascensión. They went up into the clouds and then the balloon slowly descended until within 30 feet of the water, when both jumped. Miss Tiotwine wore a life preserver, and was easily rescued. As the balloou went up Cole's life preserver, which was tied to his performing bar, iu some way becaine loosened and feil to the ground wbeu the balloon was about 40 feet up, so that when the dropped in the lake he had uothiug to rely npou to keep him afloat. He could not swim, and could only lie on his back in the water and try to keep afloat. The waves had washed him away froin the girl and he could not reach her. She was safe on top of the water with the life preserver abont her waist, while Cole was battling for his life ín the waves. All this time Miss Trotwine was trying to reach him. Both were splashiug about in the water and Cole was slowly siuking. He cried ont to Miss Trotwine: "Stay where you are, Lillian; you cau't sink," theu turned over and sank. He carne up a secoud time and as he aróse cried out between gasps : "Are the boats here? Where are the boars? I cau't swim." Had Colé been able to swlui a few strokes the tragedy would never have happened. The balloou struok withiu a few feet of shallow water, and had he dropped 10 feet either way he would have beeu able to wade out, but he could not swim a stroke. Cole was a daring aeronaut and knew uo fear. He was a pupil of Prof. Bartholomew His first ascensiou was it Wellsville in 1889. He dropped in o the river upou that occasion and would have drowned but for a life preserver. In 1S92 he made au asrension at Detroit. Losiug his balauoe he feil '0 feet aud was Iaid np in a hospital 'or 10 weeks afterwards.