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Clever Carvers In Ivory And Some Who Can Sketch

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We did much entertaining, as we were continually visited by different members of the tribe of 200 or more. They were content to sit and share the ■warmth aud shelter of our house and gaze on the curious things it contained. They would turn the pages of a magazine by the hour, and, holding the book upside down, ask questions about pictnres. What particularly pleased them was anythiug in the shape of gun, knife or amrnunition. Of eating they never tired. The amount of food they consuined was astonishing, and they „particularly reveled in our coffee, biscuit and peinrnican. This love was nianifested by a little ditty that they sang quite of ten : Uh-bis-e-ken, Uh-pem-e-kem. The women are very clever with the needie, and as most of us had adopted the Innuit boot of sealskin which required frequent inending, they were always in deniand. In mechanical ingebuity they are remarkable. Both men nd women are carvers in ivory, and the tiny figures - human as well as animal - that they f ashion in this material, although somewhat crude, show no mean ability. This skill isalsoto be remarked in regard to the use of the pencil. One of them, As-sey-e-yeh, drew from memory a steamer in perspective, with the reflections in the water, and that, too, in a suggestive and artistio way.-


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