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Dallas, Tes., Sept, 20. - Governor Culberson ou July 1 wrote to Prince Bisíuaick, asking for his views ou biraet llism aud tbelikelihood of the Uuited States goverinueut being able to adapt aud maintain snob a fiuancial policy inclependeut of any other uation. Priuce Bismarck auswered as follows: Priedricbsruhe, Aug. 24, 189G. Honored Sir : Vour esteeraed favor of July 1 has been duly received. I have always had a predilectiou for bimetallism, but I would not, wbile in office, claim my views of the matter to be infalliMy true -when advanced against the views of experts. E hold to this very bour that it Y0uld be advisable to bring about betvveeu the uations chiefly engaged in the world's commerce, a mutual agreemeut in favor of the establishment of bimetallisru. Oousidered from a commercial and industrial standpoiut, the United States are freer by far in their movements thau aüy uatiou of Europe, and henee if the people of the United States should flud it compatible with their interests to take independent action in the direction of bimetallism, I cannot but believo that snch aotioD would exert a most salutary iuflneuce upon the consummation of international agreement, aud the comiug into this league of every European aation. Assuring you of niy highest respect, I remaiu, your most obedient servaut,


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