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Children Cremated

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Havana, Sept. 22. - Well authenücated reports of barbarous acts by the Spanish troops continue to reach here. Recently the Havana papers published an account of an alleged battle near Chuco de Arce, in which, after an hour's desperate fighting, the Spaniards drove the rebels off, killing nineteen and taking many prisoners. The papers suggested that the government should reward Colonel Aguelera, the Spanish commander, for his bfavery. The facts in regard to the battle, according to Cuban sources, follow: Sept. 15 ten rebels went to attack a guerrilla band, but met troops hidden in the high grass. The rebels flred a volley, killing, two ofïicers and woundiñg three soldiers. The troops fired back hitting nobody. Colonel Aguelera, who com manded the troops, then went toward a colony named Pablo Diaz. There he found a family of twenty-five personsmen, woraen, and ehildren. He asked if they had seen any rebels in the neighdorhood. On receiving a negative answer, he ordered, as alleged by the Cubans, a general slaughter, including childi-en from 1 to 10 years of age. By Bayonet and Machote. The little children were firs"t pierced with the end of the bayonet, then flnished.with the machete. Of that colony nineteerï were butchered and six made their escape. The men of the guerrilla force boasted of what they had done when they went back to Vega, about two mies from the colony. Colonel Aguelera, Sept. 18, started with his troops and guerrillas from Nueva Paz toward the sugar estáte of Cuervo. Near a place called Cuzzo he sawj a house, went to it and found only three children in it. Hè asked where the parents were. They answered they had gone after some fuel to prepare their breakfast. The colonel ordered the three children, 10 to 14 years oíd, to be locked up in the house, and after this was done he ordered the guerrillas to set flre to the house. The guerrillas; horrified, disobeyed at first, but, under the threat of Aguelera, they acted and the house was burned with the ehildren in it. On their return to Nueva Pan the guerrillas told the people of what had been done. This Information is from a Spanish source.


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