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Wednesday evening, Deo. 2, will remain as a red letter event in tbe history of the different bodies of the Independent Order of üddfellows in this city. The reason is that that eveuing saw their handsoine uevv lodge rooms, parlors, etc, in the Henning block, thrown open to the public for the first time. For years tbe two lodges, Washtenaw and Otsenino, have occupied different lodge rooms, while the encampment, cantón and Daughters of Kebekah have been similarly sitnated. Not only was this plan inconveniont, bot it was also expensive, and it finally oatne abont that committees were appointed and the present fine quarters in the Henuing block were leased and fitted op for the joint use of all. It is a happy combination of effort and will meet with its sure reward in the tighteniug of fraternal bonds of union and the increase of pleasant, harmonions sooiability. The rooms and tbeir appointments have already reoeived notice in tbe columns of the Argus so it is needless to eutfr into another description of thsm. Snffice it to say that they are neatly oovered with the best quality of light tan colorad canvas and that tbey are models of convenience. About f600 has been expended in fitting up tbe rooms the whole arrangement having been in ubarge of the following cnmmittee: C. E. Godfrey, chairman ; George Scott, secretary; John L. Mablke, treasurer; H. P. Danforth, George Claik, Nicholas Glaser, VV. J. Wiloutt. W. S, Banfield, Elmer B. Banoroft and Herman Krapf. Their work has been well and faithfully performed and they have the hearty tbanks of tbe membeis of the different bodies for it. The entertainment Wednesday evening took the lorni of a social dancing party and it was well worthy of the uame "social" for it was the emobdi ment of sociability. Adtuission was by invitation and tbere were 175 couples present. Music for tbe dancing was furuished by an orcbestra of fonr pieces in charge of E. R, Srnook as director, and the floors of both the large lodge rooms and tbe parlor veré constautly filled with eager dancéis to tbe excellent rnusic provided. Trae, the floors were crowded all the time, buü the crowd was a good natured and jolly one and any pushing ur crowding that happened did not disturb their enjoyment of tbe fnn. 'The refreshment tables were in charge of the Daughters of Rebekah aud they well sustaiued thfiir reputariou as good providers and entertainers. The committees in charge of the arrangements for the entertainment were as follows: Door Committep - H. Krapf, J. J. Fergnson, VVm. Mack, W. J. Wilcntt, Jno. Mahlke. Reoept)on Comnuittee - Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Godfrey, xvlr. and Mrs. George Scott, Mrs. E. E. Consins, Miss Ida Johnson, MÍ6S Ida Garlingbause, Robert Staebler, H. P. Danforth, George Clark, Geo. H. Miller, Charles Major. Ploor Coinmittee - Jno. C. Fiscber, Pred C. Weiuberg, Wm. Jacobus, Jacob G winner. Refreshment Committe - Mrs. George Clark, chairman, and all the Daughters of the Rebekah. The dedication of the rooms to the purposes of Oddfellowship and for tbe dissemination of the principies of 'Friendship, Love and Truth" already so happily bégun, will take place the first week in January.


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