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Had His Leg Ground Off

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Howard Caufield, of Chelsea, a brother of Deputy Sheriff Lester Caufield, aged 23 years, met witb a most distressiug accident on Monday eveniug, vchile operating a hay prejs, by whiob his left leg was ent off abont fonr iuehes below the knee. The machine is one of thoHe íd which the operator presses the hay down witb nis fo t, aud a heavy plnnger about 20 inches fquare woiks backward and forward in au apertnre the same size and presses the hay uto a compact bale. He was talking with a man about the sale of some straw and engrossed iu the snbJBct he did not prooably pay as nrnoh atteution to his work at the machine as he otherwise wonld have done. At any rate as he pushed the hay down with his left foot, the heavy plnngpr moving forward to press the hay, caught his leg and ground it off as above state i. A snrgeon was called who attecded to The iujory and the anfortunatfi young man is doing as well ap oould be expected considering the serious shook to his system.


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