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Bound Over To The Circuit Court

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George Brovvü, of Ypsilanti, had his exaniination in Justioe Childs' office in tbat oity Tuesday ou the charge of being the father of the three ïuonths' old child of his stppdaughter. Rosa Washington, aged 14 years. The girl was iu the'court room with ber oiiild aud was J)ut npon the wituess staud to .tf"4ify against Brown. She fought hard to shield bsr stepfather, aud it was ODly aftei' a rigid examiuation, jd which she skillfnlly evaded the ques tions of the prosecutiuc attorney, that she fiually admitted that Brown was the fatber of tbe cbild, even tben it, took a uotification froin Mr. Raudall tbat she might be prnpecuted nnless sbe told the truth, to iudnoe her to disclose aoytbing relating to the case. Brown was bonnd over to take his trial at the circoit conrt, bail beiug fised at $1,500. He is in jail at Ann Arbor in default of the bail.


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