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Situation Is Serious

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M├╝waukee, "Wis., Dec. 1. - A special to The Evening Wisconsin from Chippewa Palls says: The situation in Chippewa Falls is growing more serious every minute. The mammoth ice gorge which formed six miles down the river has backed into the city, and the immense volumes of water coming from above are spreading to each side, inundating large portions ofthe town. Every merchant in the city is moving to places of safety. The water has filled the basements of the business blocks almost the entire length of Bridge Street, and it is expected the water wi'.l reach the court house, eight blocks from the river. There is much excitement In town, but everything is orderly. About fifty families on the south side, who were forced to move from their homes, are reported in want and relief was immediately dispatched. Dynainite of No Use. Some of those families had taken refuge in empty houses and were without food or warmth. Bridge Superintendent Callahan of the Central road was instructed to blast out the gorge at our east, but he would not undertake the task. He said that all the dynamite manufactured could not budge it, and it seems that all that can be done is to sit hands down and watch the approach of the flood. The water Tuesday morning began to rise at the rate of one foot an hour, and it looks as though the entire town would be inundated. It is a critical condition of affairs, but there seems to be no remedy. As far as known, no lives have been lost, but those living on the Chippewa bottoms have been rescued with difficulty. Several families on the Buffalo county side were driven from their homes by the forming of a gorge at Plum island. Scantily dressed, they waded through the ice and water to a high point on the railroad track, from where they were rescued by a relief train. Several of the party were badly frozen.


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