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That $100 Deposit

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The January session of the board of supervisors of Washtenaw oouuty has befiti in progresa all this week. Supervisor Wbittaker, of Scio, occupied the cbair as president pro tem. The bulk of the business of the session has been the allowing of the nurnerous bilis. The board bas lowered the treasurer's bonds to $100,000. It also voted to fit up ruorns iv the ocurt house for proseouting attoruey and commissionor of schools, and decided tbac all bilis not filed by .Tanuaiy 6 be not acted on uutil the October meeting. The conuty clerk was by resolution ordered, in puren asi ng snpplies needed by oounty officers, to get the same from dealers in the couuty as far as possible, iustead of sendiug to firins in other cities as has been the custom for the past two years. Ex-County Olerk Dansicgbnrg was allowed $50 for taking care of the sparrow bounty record during his term of ofïioe. The question as to whetbei Mr. Dansingburg owes the couuty $100 for the recent reconuc of votes demauded and secured by him came up. Prosecutiug Attorney Kirk holds tbat he does owe it while Mr. Dansingburg's legal advisors have informed him that if there were auy chauges resulting from the reC'juut his $100 deposited to procure a reciuut would uuder the statute have to be returned to him. Bat at the meeting of the supervisors yesterday the prusecutiug attoruey gave it as his opinión that uuless the recount resulted in giviog a certifícate of election to the contestiug oandidate, the 100 deposit should not be retniT.ed. Further disoussion of the matter will take place today. ' j


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