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The houses of Ann Arbor need to be re-uu...

The houses of Ann Arbor need to be re-uu... image
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The houses of Ann Arbor need to be re-uumbored. The Argus will give anybody fifty cents to teil itwheie it lives. It says it resides Romewbere in tbe opera bonse block. bnt couldn't teil the nnruber for its life. - Adrián Press. It has long been evident from its editorial page that the Argns didn't know where it was at, and if re-numberiiig the city ■will help it to find out, we'll all chip in to pay the expense. - Ypsilantian. We are glad our exchanges reoognize the orying need of re-nnmberiug the hooses of Aun Arbor, and thns lend their aid to the accomplisbing of tbis reform. But as to the idea that the Argus does not küow whero it is at, editorially, the Ypsilantiau ninst have an odd conceptioD -of sncb knowledge. The Argna eertaiuly knows tbat it is not in the high tariff camp, watohing the vultnres gather around the vvays aud means comujittee at WnsbiugtOD, demandiDg that the people be taxed fcir the benefit of tbe vnlture eorporatious and trusts, without leave to lift its voice in protest, as seems to be tbe Ypsikutiaü's position.


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