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A Frosty Opening

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There wero ouly abont 150 people present at the opeuing of the uew opera house iu Ypsilauti, ou Thursday night of last week, wbiob must have been somewbat of a cold blast to the stookbojders who have put over $30,000 of goorl money iuto the building. Speeches were made by M. O. Whaleu, the contraotor for the building, and who is also its lessee, by Hou, A. J. Sawyer and by Prof. Austin George. The Ypsilanti Orobestral society played tbe opf-ning overture, H. R. Winn, of Detroit, John W. Dodge and Oscar Gareissen sang some clever solos, and the Euterpe Concert Co., of Detroit, closed the entertainment with the musical farce "Sir Manmiduke. :' After the entertainment Messrs. Colvan, Pack, Leppe, Wilcox, Whalen and Cluck gave a quail supper at the Hawkins house in houor of the Euterpe Concert Co., vbich was attended by abont 20 invited guepte. After the snpper Mr. Colvau, toastmasier, oalled apon several for toasts. After tbe toasts tbe tables were removed and dancing was indulged in until au early honr of the uext day. The opening theatrical entertainmeut will be giveu tornorrow nigbt by Jolly Nellie McHenry and her compauy in "A Night in New York," wheĆ¼ the management hope to see a good audience present. The rent of the house will prodnce eigbt per cent on the capital invested.


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