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Tbe first meeting of the Michigan Association of Elucutionists will be held at Newbeiry hall, tomorrow. Tbere will be business sessions both morning and afteruoon, commencing at 9:45 and 2:80 respectively, for whioh interesting programs have been prepared. In the eveuing at 8 o'clock a public recital will be given, at which tbe following program will be rendered: Juditl) T. B. Aldrich Aliss Frederiká Penteoost. Detroit, (late of London, England). a. Dot Leedle Boy Rilpy b. Farmer W hippie, Bachelor Kil' y e. An Artless Parvenue Oi -Isri' il cl. A Discordar) t Element Orig-iDal Mrs. Marie Nelson Lee, Manistec a. Ilis First Baby Ruth McEnei-y Stuart. b. The Propo.sal (a monologue) Héctor Fezendie Mr. Charles N. Myers, Detroit. a. Auxltaliens Owen Mercditli 1). Ihe Mysterious l'ortrait.-Owen Meredith Miss Lilllan Marie San Facón, Detroit. The tickets for this recital are 25 cents each. ■8198. Braytou W. Gordon, 21, Salem; Hattie Coldren, 20, Norfchville. 3199. A. L. Westphal, 24, Bridgewater; Martha Feldkamp, 22, Saline. 3200. Herbert S. Allen, 26, Ypsilanti; Lizzie M. Potter, 18, Willis.


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