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RobertL. Hewitt. ohief of the bureau of statisnus of the secretary of state's office, has issued a bulletin cornpiled from tho last state census, showing the nativity of the voting populatioD of the state. The number of males of voting age in the state is returued at 6,01,920, as' compared with 538,177, so retnrned iu . 1884. The inorease is 113,743, or21.18 per cent. The rate of increase is one fifth of 1 per cent greater than that of the total populatiou. The males of voting age are 29.08 per cent of the total population, and 56. 17 per cent of the male population. In each 1,000 population there are 291, and in each 1,000 male population there are 562 malee of voting age. In 1884 the percentages were 29.03 and 55.23 respectively. Of the whole number - 651,920- 393,225 are native, and 258,695 foreign-born. The nativa are 4(5.25 per cent of the total native male population, aud the foreign-born are 83.36 per cent of the total foreign-born male popnlation; and tbe native are 60.32 per cent, and the foreign-born 39.. 68 per ceut, of the whole nnmber of males 21 years old and over. Approximately i three-fifths of the males of voting age are native and two-fifths foreign-boru. In the foreign-born population then, whioh is ouly one-fourth of the total populatiou, there are two-thirds as many males of voting age as iu the native populatiou, which is threefourtha of the total. There are 32 counties in whioh the foreigu-born males of votiug age outnamber the uativ-es. These include all the upper península counties, 11 of the uortheru counties, 4 of the central, Bay, Huron, Muskognu and Sanilac, aud 2 of the southi i n, tít. Clair and Wayne. Iu the uppe; . nnusula the foreigu-born are nearly tni-e times the native. The exaot figurtü are, native 16,317, foreign-born 48,209. In the 11 northern counties there are 12,520 native and 20,077 foreign-born; in tho 4 central counties 16,599 native and 25,914 foreign-born, and in the 2 southern counties, 43,136 native and 51,469 foreignborn. In Wayne counnty the foreignborn males of voting age outnuiuber the native by 8,087. The uumber of males of votiDg age in the iucorporated cities is 230,786, whioh is 28.11 per cent of the total populatiou, aod 56.63 per cent of the male population of the cities, and iiü 40 per cent of the total number Of males of votiug age in the state. Iu each one thousand populatiou of ;he cities 281, and in each one thousaud male population 566, are males of voting age, and in eaoh one thousand male population of voting age iu the state 354 are residents of cities. Of rhe total number, 230,786, 117,151 are native aud 113,335 foreigubom. ïhe native males of voting age in the cities outnutnber the foreignborn by ouly 4,116. In eaoh one thoueand males of votiug age iu tbe incorporated cities, 509 are native and 491 foreigu-born. In the foreign-born populatioü then, wbicb is about one-tbird of the total population of the cities, there are practically as many inales of voting age as among the native population, which is two-thirds fhe total. The foreigu-born males of voting ago outnumber the native in 25 cities. The exones in several cities exceeds 100 per oeut. The foreign-born in Itouwood are more than five times, in Iron Mountain more than six times, and in Ishpemiug nearly seven times, the native. In Detroit, the largest city in the state, tbe excess of foreign-born is 10,053, and in Grand Eapids, the second oity, the native exceeds the foreign-born by ouiy 1,400. In the country outside the cities there are in the state 421,134 males of voting age of whom 275,774, or 65.48 per ceut, are native, and 145, 360, or 34.52 per cent, are foreigu-boru. More than one-third of all the males cf voting age iu the state are residents of incorporattd cities; two-fifths of all in the state, and taking the state by sections, tbree-tenths in the southern oounties, 45 per ceut iu the central, one-half in the nortbern and threefourths in the upper peninsula are foreign-born ; in the ineorporated cities in tbe state, one-half, aud in the country outside the cities, one-third, are foreigu-born; aud iu the couutry outside the oities, in the southern counties leas thau oue-fourth, in the central twofifths, in thu nortbern 45 per cent, and in tbe upper puninsula three-fourths, are fureign-boru.


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