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9 ÊkthC UTIÜ1 or tl10 most valuablo W Bh ER 1 n contribution i P"1" " " crature of tho world (f 1M1M MTItJi sincetheproductioiiof Á ■ ano ■ umti Work of the" Great Thlnkers. Fatnous Orators, Renowned T Scholars. Wisc Writers and A AÍ'OKS oí the 19th Century. f Iu all tho range of literatura there is # not mother liook like THE PEOPLE'S BIBLE HISTORY In this book alone can be found tüe in mation sought by every Biblc reader, Á whether old or youn, scholarly or V lettered. 3t is, indeed, a great work. Á Recent diseoveriea ín nrcïiseoiogyhavebrought the world of today fnce to fac& with the men who m lived, and acted, and wrote during the early periods coercMi by Bibiical IiisïoriaiiB. These Á dlscoyeriesoave resul ted in thetrinmphant y dication ot %h& sacred volume f rom thecharees broutrhtaftainst it by open foes nnd pretended friends. fcvery intelligent person will order the book, as ttie matter contained in it la of vital importanc(ind cannot bo fouud in any other book on qoxui. Write fo? descriptive and beautifully illustrated vaDiplïlet circular. Address THEHENRYO.SHEPARDCO. 212-214 Moorse St. cCH1CAG0. IN THE Noptb American Review YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND The Right Topics, By the Right Hen, At the Right Time. Tli Topics are aiways those which sre uppermosl in ths public mind - In moráis, politics, scicnee, literature, business, finai ce:, industrial economy, social and municipal alïaiis, eto. - n short all subjcds on wh ch Americana require and desire to 1' Informed. No magaZINB l'lH.l.llWs SO I. OMÓI. Y FKOM MO TO JWXTil THE CO] R8B OF PUBLIC LN'ri':ii:sr. All subjects (( treattd impartially on both sides. Tlie Contributors to the Revibw are the men and women to whom the ■world looks for the most authoritative statements on the subjects of the day. No othet periódical can poi'nt tosuch a succession of distinguished writers. The list is ;i tol] of the people who are making tlü' history, controlling the affairs, and leading the opinión of the age. t The Time wben these subjects are treated of by these contributors in the Review is the very t'me when the subjects are in the public mini!. Tlie ft.view is the only periódica] of its kind whirh lias i recognized place as A FAMILY NLA.GAZINE. This is iMícause it devotes so much attention to subjects that are of particular interest to women. Subscription Price, $5.00 a Year. iüi, MÏÜ& MikMïM ftfiiVltW 291 Flfth ivo., New York.


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