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The last state ceusus, sbows that .the Michigan born popnlation of tbe state is 1,203,490, out of a total popnlntion of 2,241,641. More thaa oue-half of the native popnlation was under 15 years of age, uearly two-thirds uuder 20, and tbree-fonrths under 25 years old. Tbe nnmber of Miohigau born males was 635,971, or 50.74 per cent, and of females 617,525, or 49.26 par cent, of the total Miohigan born. Tbe uumber of school ace was 501,423 - 284,649 males and 276,774 females; the nnmber of males of voting age was 208,714, and of military age, 303,373, aud the nnmber of témalas of ohild-beariug age, 252,550. Tbe civil tiondition of Miohigan born popclation is reported as follows: Single, 952J24; married, 284,556; widowed, 13,933; divoroed, 2,752. Tbe number of Michigan born inhabitaDts old enougb to legally marry is 535, 133, of wüom 253,598 are males and 281,535 females. Of the males 126,973, or 50.08 per cent, aud of female?, 157,390, or 55.90 per cent, are married. Of tbe total native popnlation old enongb to legally ruarry, 59.80 per cent of the males, aud 61.29 per ceut of the females, are ruarried. The proportiou, then, of the Michigan boru males who are married is 9.73 per cent less than the proportion of all native males, and the proportiou of Michigan bom females who are married is 5.39 per cent less than the proportion of all native emales. Oomparing with the foreign born married population, the proportion of ;be Michigan born males returned as married is 18.53 per cent less, and uf the Michigan boru females 215.85 per cent less. The proporticn of the Michigan born females retnrned as married is 5.83 per cent greater than the Michigan born males, while of all native females returüed as married the proportion is only 1.49 per oent greater than of all native males. Of persous old enough to legally marry, in 1,000 native males 589 are married; in ,000 native femlaes 613 are married; ia 1,000 foreign born males 686 are married ; in 1,000 foreign females 718 are married; in 1,000 Michigan born males 501 are married, in 1,000 Michigan born females 559 are mairied. In 1,000 Michigan born males old euough to legaüy marry there are 97 less married than in all native males, aud 18 less tbau in all foreign born males. In 1,000 Michigan born females old enough to leeally marry there are 54 less married than iu all native fe males, aud 159 less than in all foreign born females.


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