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What He Was There For

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"I once had a funny experience íe ' marrying a country couple," says a clergyinanof tlnscity. "Tho bridegroom i was a decent young farmhand and py and bashful to tho point of crimson speecblessness. When I carao to the; point wbere I asked hini, 'Wilt thou i have this womau?' etc., he made no ply. The bride whispered. something to him and then he stammered : 'Mister, will you say thern words over again? I'm a leetle deaf. ' ' 'I repeated the question in stentoriau tones, while I wascousciousof the poorly suppressed merriraentof the bystanders. When the man naught the import of the words, he looked at me in sulprise and theu blurted out: 'Yoa bet I ■will! That'swhat l'm here for. ' Undei such circumstances it was hard to preserve my dignity, but I did the best 1 1 could and pronouuced them man and wife. "Then the groom gavo me a genuine surprise. Coming up to me, he said, 'Mister, what's thodamago?' 'Nothing,' I replied. Tin glad to have been of service to you. ' 'But I won't have it that way, ' he said. 'I know it's the custorn to give the minister somethin, and as ! vou won't name a sum I'll do it myself. '


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