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Killed By Africans

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Bonny, Guinea Coast, Jan. 12.- Consul Phillips, two consular offlcers, Locke and Campbell; Major Crawford, the deputy commissioner. and Captains Boisragon and Maling, officers belonging to the Niger coast force; Dr. Elliott and two civilians, wíth a number of Kroomen and native carriers, have all been massacred by the king's people while on a peaceful mission to Benin City. The consul's yacht has just returned here with the nevvs. London, Jan. 12.- The foreign office fias received confirmation of the news trom Bonny, on the Guinea coast, telling of the massacre of Consul Phillips and liis companions while on a peaceful mission tb Benin City. The news has created a great sensation, as the victims are all well known. Lord ■ Salisbury came to the foreign office especially from Hatfield House to receive the earliest official details and to consider them. The Party Was Unarmed. It isstated in the foreign officeadvices that the party was unarmed when it left the consulate at Benin, on the west coast of the 'Niger, traveling toward the Adamagu country. They were surprised on the frontier territory at Benin City, where they were flred upon suddenly and massacred. The object of the murder is not known. Benin City is within the Niger protectorate, and is sixty miles up the River Benin. The population is 50,000, and it is governed by a fetish priesthdod which. is notorious for human sacrifices. It is thought that the massacre is possibly connected with the recent escape of the king of the Okrika tribe to New Calabar, who was captured by the British. It is feared that the disaster will have a bad effect on the Niger company's expedition, which is about to proceed against the Emir of Nupe. A telegram from Lagos says that the expedition against the Emir of Nupe is still waiting at Lokoja. Will Cllt Ofl" t.lin Kctreat. This expedition, sent out by the Royal Niger company, consists of 500 Hausa troops, six Maxims, 26 mantea European officers and 900 carriers. It ís expected that it will march against the Foulas forces at Kabba, southwest of the Niger. Sir George Goldie, the governor, has arrived and will accompany the column. The Royal Niger company, flotilla of armed stern-wheeled steamers will patrol the Niger and cut off the enemy's retreat to Bida, their capital. The Times, in an editorial, explains that the old quarrel between the Kmir of Nupe and the Niger company was on account of the emir raiding the company's terrttory for slaves. The Foulas occupying Kabba are 20,00u foot and 2,000 cavalry, The company have an arduous and perilous task. Their plan in daring; and subject to many chances.


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