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The Ways Of Providence

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A benevoieut looking gentleman waa walking along the Bowery, when the most ragged, woebegone specimen of the tramp species of the geuns homo approaabed him. The citizen stopped to listen to tbe story told b'y Wandering Willie, looking so sympathetic that the hobo put in his best work. "I'm a viotim o' hard luck. On the ! dead. See? I haiu't got nothin bnt the marble heart far a week. My father was rich, and soon as he died the executor ran off to Europe with the estáte. "I foüowed him, and the ship got wrecked, and after ten days my boat landed on a island where there was cannerbals. My ten companions was eaten, and the oannerbals was so full they went ter sleep, an while they was suoozin I went ter sea in their boat; picked np by a boat, went ter Spain; pinched fer bein with pirates and got fiva years in quod.. 'Scaped au got back ter Ameriky ; worked in a coal mine blowed up by dynamite. Arter got out o' hospital I tried railroadin, an flrst trip feil through a bridge and broke a few o' my ribs; hired out ter a farmer an feil out o' the baru an broke the rest o' my ribs and an arm. Jess got out o' ther hospital a week ago, an hain't had a haud out since. " "My poor fellow, " said the benevolent gentleman, "it does seem a shame that in a country where there is plenty for all you should be bo afflicted, but the ways of Providence are inscrutable. I would help yon glaüly, if it was not so plain that Provideuce has a special object ii view with you, and it would be sinful for me to interfere. But I ani sincerely interested and would be glad to hear what happens to you next. " -


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