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What A Stamp Collection Did

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They are telling an interesting little story in Toromo, which, if uot true, is certainly ben trovato and will fnruish philatelists wth a greater justificatiou for the indulgence in their cruze than any they have probably had before. The receiving cashier of the Bank of British North America, when he was appointed, was required to give boudH to the amonut of L2,000. He did not find this a particularly easy thing to do, for he had no frieuds to whoin he could go. In thinking over ways and meaus, it struckhim that perhaps his collection of stampa made when a lad inight help hiin out of the difficulty, as he had some rare specimens. He accoruingly hunted out his album, which had lain unregarded for over 20 years in an old drawer. Then he made a catalogue aud sent it to a rioh stamp collector of his acquaintance. In due course carne a reply from that gentleman saying hewas prepared to give the sum of L2,000 for the collection. ' Dramatic coincidoncel The cashier thereupon took the letter and his stamps to the bank directora and offered the ui as the security he was required to furnish. They were accepted, and the bank has had the stampbook lockod np in its vault ever since. An estímate has just been made of the value of its couteuts, and the lucky cashier finds that bis stamps are worth the snug little fortune of L7,000. -


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