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An Embarrassing Gift

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Lord Leigbtou'.s house ia to be presented to tlie natiou, whieh in turn is to maintaiu it in its present couditiou ns au artistic ruouumeut of its lateowner. It isungracious to discuss such matters tou closely, and every oue will reoognize the good inteutions of tbe ladies who inake tlie generous gift, but soma day it will be necessary seriously to disouss this business, uowso muob iu fashion, of keepiug up the houses that aro assoeiated with the meniory of onr great men. One day it is CarJyJe, auother it is Turner, and so ou. There is a little " boom, " a few of the faithful pour iu on rlie opening day and examine the hat stand, and the walkiug stick, and the diuing rooni table, and then theygo away audstraightwayforget al] aboutit. Fot a yearor so stray Americana and proviuciaJs keep up a show of interest, and then the thing becomes a mere white elephant, of interest or of use to nobody. Lord Leighton's house is out beyoud Holland Park, and, as it is not to be either a school, a museum or a home, who is likely after the flrst few weeks to take the trouble to go three or four miles to visit it? -


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