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The Day Of Reckoning

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A l'.ctle wonauii vveariug a last year's wrap }ot ou a Wells streetcar the other morning, and as sho paid her farfi she recognized the wotnan sitting next her. "I haveu't seen yon for an age," she gaid. "That's so," replied the other ■woman, "aud it isn't my fault either. I was at yonr house last. ". "So yon were. Well, the truth is, I'm kept at home pretty close now. " "The children, I goess. That's what comes of marrying a widower. " "Oh, it isn't that. They're as good as gold, and they're in school most of the time too. No, it's my husband. He is so particular about the way the house is kept. Why, a speck of duston a table or chair almost gives him a fit, aud as for his food - well, it's about impossible to please him. " "Yon don't say. Got dyspepsia, I guess. His first wife" - "Oh, no; be's just particular. I wouldn't so much mind, but he's always talking about the way his first wife kept house. Seems to me sometimes I wish she hadu't been suoh a good cook. It ain't wrong, I hope. " "His first wife was such a good cook!" "Yes, that's what he always says wheu anything goes wrong. I'm ou my way to tbe South Side now to see my aunt. She always makes such good pumpkin pies, and I want Ker to teil me just how she does it. Johu nearly had a fit over the last ones I made, and yet most folks think my pies are good. But John says his wife's first pies" - "Look here, Almira Johnson, did you ever know John's first wife?" "No; I never saw her that I know of. She must have been a first rate housekeeper, judging by the way he talks. Sometimes I wonder how he ever came to marry me af ter" - "Oh, you didn't know her! Well, I did; lived next door to 'em on Webster avenue for two years, and if that woman ever made a pie - yes, or a bed, either, until it was time to get into it - I'm mistaken. And the way she did treat him! Why, he was afraid to cali his soul his own!" The meek looking little woman gasped. "Yon don't mean to say that - that she wasn't a good housekeeper?" "Not if I know what a good housekeeper is!" "And she didn't malee flrst class pies?" "Didn't make anyat all. Bought 'em at the baker's! What you going to do?" "Do? I'm going to get out and go home, that's what I'm going to do. I gness after what I know now I can make John's pies without any teaching f rom my annt. " "Well, I shoald think so, "said the other woman, "and," she added, "yon might just mentiou while he's eating them that I've been telling you about oíd times when we used to live next


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