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Offered A Square Game

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A youug attorney just starting out in fais profession in Chicago was commissioned to collect a number of bilis by a prominent tailor of the town. All these accounts veere against gamblers. Some of them had beeu sued on and judgtaent had been obtained. These judgments, however, had not been collected. A liberal percentage was offered the lawyer if he conld succeed in oollecting any of them. The attorney had bis own notion as to how to go to work on these accounts and listened to the tailor's adrice about "going for them hot" with a ■dnbions smile. He selected a bilí of $75 for one snit of olothes against a quite noted knight of the green cloth and proceeded to try Ibis plan. Calling on this he told him that he had not come to threaten him with a lawsuit or to bluff him; that if the bill was correct he would cali at ny time the debtor would desígnate for a part or the whole of the bill; that if the debtor would say he would not pay the bill the lawyer would not cali again; chat all he asked was a square deal ; that he would cali only when the debtor made an appoiutment to pay inoney, as he did not propose to inaugúrate a system of "dunning." The gambler heard him tbrough with aperfectly impassive face and then said: "That's fair. Theother ooilectors didn't fcnow their business. They tried to bluff me, and they 'duuned' me. Your game is a square one, and 111 give it a whirl. Here is my card. Cali Tuesday, and I will pay you half. Have you got any more bilis against the boys?" On being told of the other accounts he sat down, took a dozen of his cards, ■wrote across them "O. K. , " and said to the attorney, "Hand one of these toeach man you go to, teil him your game and tou will eet vour money. " The lawyer did so. In not one single instance was a bilí repudiated, and in very oase all appointments and agreement to pay were kept with scrupulous fidelity. Every account was flnally paid to the last penny, and the tailor v?ondered at the oollection of these, to hini.


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