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Springfield, Hls., Jan. 19.- After taking two ballots without ehoosing a nomnee for United States senator, the Republican joint caucus, which met Monday evening in the supreme court room adjourned io 8 o'clook Tuesday evening. The first ballot resulted: Mason, 46; Lorimer, 39; Hitt, 12; Hopkins, 6; Carr, 10; Allerton, 1; Adams. 2; Cannon, 10; necessary to a choice, 64. The second ballot showed but little change, Mason losing one vote to Lorimer and Adams losing one to Cannon. The Democratie joint caucus nominated ex-Governor Altgeld for United States senator from Illinois. As the Republicans control both branches of the assembly, the Democratie vote wlll be merely a complimentary one. Altgeld's nomination was made by acclamation, no other name being presenied. C'rowds in tlie Gallerías. There did not seem to be a disposltion on the part of either the house or senate Tuesday to transact any amount of business. Long' before 11 o'clock, the hour set for the nomination of United Statessenator. the gallerieswere packed with visitors who had come to hear the oritorical cfforts of the statesmen in thelr nominating speeches. The speaker announced that the hour for this business had come and that all other work would be deferred. The first speaker to take the floor was Representative James O'Donnell of Bloomington. He placed in nomination in behalf of the Democratie members of the house ex-Governov John P. Altgeld. He made a brief, but eloquent speech, in which he told of Mr. Altgeld'3 patriotic qualities and of the great good he had done for the people while he ,was governor. He was frequently interrupted by applause. but the concluding sentence of his speech brought forth a cheer from both sides of the house and the galleries as well. How Augelx Speak of Altgeld. Hj had been reiterating the virtues of the ex-governor and in conclusión said: "If the motives of men be known in heaven then angels speak his name in sweetest accents." When the applause following Representative O'Donnell's speech had died away and quiet had been restored, Representative Blood, one of the Populist members of the house, in behalf of that party, seconded the nomination of exGovernor Altgeld. He spoke but a few moments and was followed by Representative Perry of Brown county. who made a lengthy speech eulogistic of the governor. The next panegeric upon exGovernor Altgeld was delivered by Representative Staudacher of Cook. He spoke for nearly a quarter of an hour and concluded by saying that "the time was at hand when the masses of the people demanded a representative in Washington whose heart was with the people." He was loudly applauded. Dennis Sullivan of Cook followed Mr. Staudacher. 1 Ordered the. Kollcnll. Representatives McGoorty and Alschuler each made speeches of praise of ex-Governor Altgeld. There being no further nominations, the speaker ordered the cali of the roll. During the rollcall all the Republicans refrained from voting, except that one vote was cast for eaeh of the Republican candidates as in the senate. Ex-Governor Altgeld received the full' Democratie vote. When the name of Representative Eddelstein was caljed he aróse and said as there was no other nominations, he moved that John P. Altgeld be chosen by acclamation. This caused a loud laugh on the part of the Democrats. At the conclusión of the rollcall it showed that a quorum had not voted and the house adjourned until Wednesdav morning at 10 o'clock.


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