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Death From Heart Disease

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The daily announcruent of sudden deaths irom heart nisease cannot lead to auy otber conclusión than tbat there is not a proper realization of the danger ie neglecting tbe indioatious of heart tronble. Soientists teil us tbat one person iu every four has aweakor diseased heart, yet we go on as if sare it is one of the other three and nse our heart much as we use a time-pieoe, letting it rnn antil it stops. But a series of sud deu deaths. of prornineut people, such as Herman, the magician, Gen'l Walker, and many others, known to have had abundant opportunities for tbe advice and treatment of eminent pbysicians; ,warns everyone of the possibility of sharing the same fate. Many heart diseases ocenr without any warning of paiu, but tbere are always danger siguals thrown out as irregularity of the beart's action, palpitation, feeble oiioalatiou, altérnate hot flashes and oold chills, hungry spells without appetite, etc, followed by severe pains in the región of the heart, a sense of tightness abont thechest, choking and smothering spells, and later, swelling of the feet and ankles and inability to lie down without fear of suffocation. Under tbese conditions we cali attention to Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure, a remedy sold by all drnggists, that has beeu sucRessfully used for a score of years in the autive practica of one of the great specialists in beart and nervous diseases. This remedy contains the elemeuts tbat act direotly on the nerve centers coutrolling the heart's action, acuelerating the pulse if too slow and repressing if too fast or irregular. It contains tonic qualities that commend it during or following typhoid fever, pneomouia, la grippe, etc, by hnprpving the nutritiou and permanently strengthening the heart's action. It is absolnteiy essential iu oonvalesceuce and in oíd age when the pulsations have beconie irregular both as to time and streugtb, and is equally eft'ective iu heart weakness and nervousoess caused by tbe une of tea, coffee or alcobol. These interecting faots are gleaned frorn Dr. Miles' pamphlet before uf, entitled "New and Startling Facts," wbicn will be sent free to our readers addressiug the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhardf, Ind., if this paper is inenticned.


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