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A Wonderful Avenue

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Magnolia avenue, which has beeu ths pride of Riverside from its founding, and which bas wou a national reputation as a boulevard, has had two deíeots. The streets leading to it were usually dusty aod disagreeable, while the darkness of the avenue, owing to the dense foliage of the overbanging pepper trees, made it a rather disnial eveniug drive. All that is at an eud. It is now possible to 'drive from the heart of town over raacadamized streets, perfectly free from dust and mud, direct to the peerleas Magnolia aveune, and if the drivt be taken in the ovening aro lights are encountered every 800 feet, giving splendid illumination. When the avenue is reached, there is presented suob a sisht as few. if anv. towns nnssRKR. The eleotric polesare but 124feet apart, and from these brackets project abont three feet. Prom eaoh bracket hangs a cluster of tbree incandescent lights covered with a reflector, which tbrowa the light on to the driveway. As one stands at oue end, of this row of lights but four or five of them can be distiuguished as individual lights, tbe rmaindei1 forming a continuous chain of fire which seeruingly stretches away for untold miles beneath the verdant canopy of the arching pepper trees. Modern as is tbe scène, it impresses the beholder as an oriental fantasy worthy of the Spanish Moors. The imagined extent of the wondrous chain of fire, however, is in a degree an optical illusion. Instead of being miles in length, it is but a little over a mile. Instead oí there being uncold thousands of lights, one is anaazed to learn that there are bat 150, suspended from but 50 noles.


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