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Mlle. Rhea As Josephine

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There is no character in the many itage presentations of the present day ;hat has most interest for eduoated and lultured play-goers than those which nave to do with the reign of Napoleon, [t is for this resaon that the charaoter Df Josepbine, Bmpress of the Frenen, as portrayed by Mlle. Bh'ea, is one ni the most pleasing, and always calis out a large andienoe of intelligent playgoers. The role, as, played by Rhea, is a most delightful oue. The romance and the pathos of Josephine's life, whioh the ioonoclasts of today are so rnthlessly destroying, is shown in the excellent stage production. The part of Josepbine gives Mlle. Rhea an opportunity to exercise her great power over the emotions, and she never fails to have her andience with her. Mr. Haven, the Frenen scholar and autbor, has happily adapted the cbaraoter to the majestic gace and stately mein of Mlle. Rhea, and she renders a íorceful portraiture of the cast-off empresa. Rhea brings to the role of Josephine an afïeotion tbat breathes every shade of her delineation, for as an antress she has a keen appreciation of the artistio valoe of the gieat empress, and as a trne woman she has tha deepest sympathy for her. Her interpretation of the character is an ideal one, and her embodiment of it is regal and beantiful. Mlle. Rhea, than whom there is no more charimng stage favorite, will be seen in her favorite charaoter at the Grand opera house, Feb. 12. She comes with tbe largest and best company that has ever supported her. The play is staged and costnmed with all that care for detail tbat has always characterized the productions ot this gifted French actress. Her company includes such players as Edmund L. Bréese, Joseph Franceour, Joseph O'Meara, Roland Garak, Norman H. Hackett, Veroni Ramsdell, Milton C. Bowers, Misses Marioo DeJohns, Nancy Gibson, Helen Singer, Eloise Harcourt, Nellie Stone Fulton, Theresa Eckert and Maud E. E. Whitney.


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