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Duestrow Executed

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Union, Mo.,Feb. 16.- Dr. Arthur Duestrow, the St. Louis millionaire, who on Feb. 15. 1894, shot and' killed his wife and oh ld in that city, was hanged here In the court yard of the eounty Jail at 12:5.'. Tuesday. A few hours before the exf ; utlon took pla-ce, Duestrow threw of the mask of insanity, sobbed Hke a vuman and admitted that he killed his wife and child. The condemned man walked to the gallows without a tremor, and mounted the steps to his doom, without a shade of fear passing over his face. He died Quietly and bravely, bidding a last farewell tu the man who had fought to iavo hts life, slory of Dnestroiv's Crime. On the afternoon of Feb. 13, 1894, Arthur Duestrow shot his wife, Albertine, and his 2-year-old son, Louis, at the family mansión in Lafayette avenue, near Compton avenue - a fashionable residence district of St. Louis. The child was killed outright, and the wife, after lingering a few days, died without regaining consciousness. Duestrow, after the shooting, went to the nearest polk-e station and gave himself up. The doublé murder was apparently without an incentive save a brain disorder, caused by the excessive use of liquor. Mrs. Duestrow was an estimable woman, the superior of her husband in point of education and refinement. She was cashier for a St. Louis afternoon paper before her marriage. Duestrow, by the terms of his father's Wül, would draw $6,666.66, a year as long a. he lived íed a Vast Life. f On coming: into possession of his patrimony, youngr Duestrow led a fast life, and ill-treated his wife, who bore her sufterings in silence. On the day of the murder Duestrow offered to take his wife sleighing, and procured a sleigh ior the purpose. As the sleigh drew up in front of his residence he ran up the steps calling his wife, and immediately began abusing her for not being ready. Ascending the hall stairs Duestrow encountered his wife on the second floor. She fled from him into her room. He followed and shortly afterward shots rang out. After shooting his wife, Duestrow stooped over her and called her name. Receiving no reply he grabbed up the child whieh stood near, and, holding it with one hand against the wall, shot it also. A Remarkable Case. The case of Dr. Arthur Duestrow was one of the most remarkable ever passed upon by the courts of this state. From the beginning Duestrow tried to make people believe he was insane and his attorneys, ex-Governor Charles P. Johnson and Charles T. Noland, did everything in their power to carry out that idea. A legal inquiry made asto Duestrow's mental responsibility, resulted in his being declared perfectly sane by a jury, before whom many experts were examined.. When the trial on the charge of murder carne up, a change of venue was taken to Union, Franklin county, where the case was heard beiore Judge Hirzel. It resulted in a disagreement. Duestrow was given a second trial and was convicted and sentenced to hang.


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