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HESITATE NO LONGEK. Modesty in women is natural. It is one of woinen's chief charms. No one cares for one who roally lacks tliis essential to womanliness. Women have su iïered ( ][ fíi íearfully because OOgT ) of over-sensitiveKaL ness n this direc". Ir tion. They eould' their hearts to her. She understands their sufïering-, and has the power to relieve and cure. In nearly all cases the source of women's suffering is in the womb. In many cases the male physician does not understand the case and treats the patiënt for consumption - indig-estion anything but the right thing. It is nnder such circumstances that thousands of women have turned to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., and opened their heart and lives - woman to woman - and received her help. You ask how she can teil if the doctor cannot ? Because no man living ever treated so many cases and possesses such vast ience. Displacement, inflammation , torpid action, stagnation, sends to all parts of the body tlie pains tha,t crush you. Lydia E. Pinkham's " Vegetable Compound"' is the sure cure for this trouble. For twenty vea rs it ha s done its grand work and eured thousands.


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