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Took The Law Literally

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A veryignorant butwell (o do eitizen from the backwcotís was elected coicner of a sxnall ccr.nty. A few days after hi? election he amazed the ordiiiary by asking that fitnetionaïy to pcint out bis dutieH for liim. "Why, " said the ordinary, "when a man drops dead, or is killed by an engiue, or blown tip with dynamite, yon simply irnpuuel a jury and sit on hita and thtii reiider a verdict" "That's jest what I doce two hqurs ago, " said the coroiier, "aa Üio citizeiis air kickin!" "Kickiu abont v.hat?" "The man what I sot on. " "Well?" "Well, you src, hit v, nz thifi away: He drapped by fche railread thar an hollered out, 'Boys, I'm deadl' " "Well?" "I wuz standin withiu three f eet of hini, an as he liollered them words I jumped him. " "Jumped him?" "I meau sot on him, jest like the coroners air required by law, an, as I weigh right smart, he kep' purty quiet af ter I landed. ' ' "But he was dead before you reached him, wasn't he?" "Thar's whar the question comes in. Ain't but one thing erbout it that's shore au certain, an that is he wuz deaa when I gotup!'


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