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The Nancy Hanks Gold Mine

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At tbe Grand opera house, next Wednesday, March 3, "The Nancy Hanks, " an original comedy farce from the pen of Frank Tannehill, jr. , will be given its flist production in thiscity and from the excellent reports which have preceded it from Chicago, where it only recently olosed a three weeks' engagement, it is safe to prediot a performance of more than ordinary raerit. The title snggests race horses bnt such is entirely foreign to the comedy, it beiog the named of a salted gold mine. A ï'renchman who is unfortunate in having lots of money comes to America, and, falling into the hands of some needy specnlators, is sold '"The Nancy Haak3 Gold Mine," in which he invests all nis money. Like other mines of history, all tbe wealth in it tnms out to be what he has put in it, and he awakes to flnd himself a pauper. At a loss what to do he accepts the offer of a new acqaaintance, an actor, to start with him a school of acting, and from this time on nis troubles come as thick as can be imagined. They are superintended by bad business in the school. A uumber of love affairs (both the poor Frenchmen's and others) that won't run smootb, a ricli but meddling aunt of his partner's, who is said to be a oharacter modeled exactly after the famous Hetty Green, and any number of otber matters tbat would drive a man distracted in real life, but are of such a nature that they afford continnal amusement to tha andience. The Martinetti-Tannehill Company which will present "The Nancy Hanks," promises to make consideable stir in the dramatic field. It inolndes the name of Ignace Martiuetti, the best.character comedian before the public His great hit, a ZonZou in "Trilby" will be recalled with pleasure. FranÊ Tannehill, jt. , who divides the honors with Martinetti, is an actor and comedian of sterling merit. Anna Boyd, last seen here as the widow in "A Trip to Chinatown," is another. Otbers of equal fame are Carrie Radcliáe, last season leadng lady for Stuart Robson, Lillian Florence Wickes, Mrs. Frank A. Tannehill, Riva Gibsou, E. S. Morey, Qeorge T. Welch and that famous old nan, Clayto E. White.


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