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Man And The Mammoth

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A remarkabie iwoovery was mane a few years ago in the sauclsíone rock af, the Nevada state prisön. The '"üud" was considered wouderfal not only from a gcological standpoint, int frcm an eümolcgical poiiit of view also. While the eonviets at the institution were unéarthing ecme huge blocks of etone they nncovered some peculiar indentations in cue of the slabs. Closer investigation proved that these queer niarks were the tracks of some gigantic beast of antediluvian time - perhaps a raastodon or a nianimoth. Whëa the startling iutelligence was announced to the prison officials, they had the sandetoue slabs containing the tracks carefully eleancd, whereupon another wonderful discovery was made. In the same pieces of stone, sometimee at the side and sometimes between the tracks, made by the great prehistorie beast, were a series of human footprints, which proved couclnsively that man and the mammoth lived not only at the same time and in the same age, but that the huge beast and the man had passed that way-during the same year, and perhaps on the same day. These wönderfnl relies of a bygonc age were fonnd in a quarry at a depth of abent 15 feet from the surf ace and had previously been covered with a stratiim composed of liundreds of tona of stone - the accumulation of the ages that had interveucd between the date ñpou which the tracks were made and that upon which they were revealed to the scientists. Expert geologists who have since passed an opinión on the matter say that at tlie time the trarks were made that which is now hard sandstone was a mucky deposit of soft sediment, probably the border of a lake, where the man had been fishing, and where the niammoth had come to bathe or drink. -


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