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Representativa Sawyer has introducad an amendment to the coustitutioD of the state iu the legislature which is of more pressing local interest than any otber amendment which has beea cousidered for tnauy years. It is no less au amendment thau one which would permit every male student of over 21 years of age to vote hore and iu Ypsilanti. This is accoruplished by obanging the little word 'while" in the constitution to " by reason of . " This removes an adverb of time from the case and allows a stadent to gain a residence while attending a school or semDary of learuing, which under the present condition of things he caunot do. Mr. Sawyei's amendment would in crease tbe vote of Ann Arbor by l,óOO. It would thrcw the control of all the municipal offices into the hands of tbe students and would render the taxpayer powerless to help himself should his interest lie in a contrary direction from the student inolination. For instance athletio gronuds oould be fitted up at the expense of the taxpayers, art buildings built, etc, while the taxes conld keep on growing beautifully larger. The move looks like a political one, but no one party would long reap the benefit of such a move. It is one too, of more farther reacbins' conseqnence than even its author probably perceives It would cut the University's income at least $15,000 a year, for nonresident pupils wouid not coutinne paying non-resident fees longer than the first year, could they be permitted to attaiu a residence while attending the college. Por, if under the coustitn tiou they can attain a residence whilb atteuding college, they cease to be nonresidents until, having . finished their college eourse, tbey return to the homes from wbich they carne. It will be seen that it is a qnestion far above one of mere party expediencv. It is one whioh calis for men to rise above mere partisansbip. And it is a question whioh touches the pockets of the taxpayers in every city where colleges or normal schools are located. Tbe present provisión which it is sought to set aside was put in the constitntion of J850 because it was found that in several places notably at Albion tbe students had obtained local control and ran the villages as they pleased, having no more than temporary interests in the politica or local policies of their temporary residences. Any one who knows the interest student bodiea take in class politics would know witb what avidity they wonld seize upou the control of a city like Ann Arbor, Mr. Sawyer should consider these things and pocket his little bill.


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