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"the World Against Her."

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"a tbrilling melodrama, full of heavy villaius and deep plots, was presented at the Whitney's Opera House last night, and will be perfortned during the remainder of the week. The story of tbeplay opens withGilbert Blair, a wealthy owner of au irou foundry, plotting to separate the fureman of the foundry and bis wife. He had loved the wuntan befóte her marriage and hopes to win her from her hnsband. The husband is sent away oue evening by bis employer on a nook errand. Blair then goes to the honse of his foreman, and while theru tries to poison the mind of the wife against hini. He is repulsad, but Jocks the door to prevent her escape. While the door is locked the hnsbaud returns home. He aconses his wife of faithlessness and casts her ott. Later he becomes ricb himself. He has been divorced from his wife and seeks to secure the possesion of their little girl. He is awarded the child by the courts, but the mother fiies with it rather than give it up. She goes out alone into the world aud drifts to London. Eventuaily everything is straightened out and she is rennited to her busband. A deteotive, a counterfeiter, several ruasked and bearded villains, a speculatoi, a dode aud several cornedy characters are iutrodneed in the piece. Madge Garitón, the heroine of the piece, was aoted by Agries Wallace Villa. She played the part of the wiouged woman and outraged mother cleverly, bringiDg out all of tbe strong points in the tbrilling situations in which she figuied." Dotroit Free Press. At the Grand opera house, Thursday uext, March 18.


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