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Life In A London Shop

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"Assistante who consult Uieir own íiterests will refrain from talking about fheir salaries. ' ' Such is a notice posted np in the dining and recreation rooms of a large drapery establishment in London. The evidenoe is unimpeachable, for it is tliat of Miss Collet, one of the assisfant eomniissioners of the labor commission. Two things might be deÜuced from the possibility of such a notice existing. Oue is wbat a vast inarket of uneniployed assistauts there must be to draw from, ;uid how hard it must be to get a situation, if inen submit to be si leut on the subject of their grievances, which even the fellahin of Egypt are not debarred from airing. The song which tliey sing in the very ears of their taskmasters is aueut their cruel treatment and scauty wage. Another thing that notice testifies to is that the life of shop assistants must be diiller than one thought. Think of their standing from morning till night, with their tranquil air of politeness unruffled by tlie fidgets and fuss of thoughtless customers, not daring to stretch or yawn as a relief to the nameless weariness of the stufEy shop, and the long day, and the gas, and the crowds of new and uusympathetic face.1?, the taking out and putting back of endless things, not permitted to speak to one another without risk of fine (itis 2s. 6d. in some shops), and then to think they are not allowed that solace of every Englishman in all his troubles - viz, to gruinble! Life in a mine must be easy, life in a factory bliss, life in a kitchen liberty, compai-ed to life in a London shop or showroom. -


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