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A Fatherly Assurance

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Mr. Cumrox's son was studying his jatin lesson. There was the tremolo of discourageinent in his voioe as he remarked: "I dou't seem to get aloug with this .esson veiy well, father. ' ' "Caii't you say any of it?" "Yes, I can say 'anio, amas, amat, ' and then I always forget what comes next. " "What does those words mean, Johnny?" asked Mr. Cumrox, who deserves credit for being always ready to add to a somewhat deficiënt eaiiy education. "They mean 'I love, thou lovest, he loves. ' ' ' "It does seem too bad to see you startin in so soon, ' ' the old gentleman mused, "with the difficulties that have always surrounded that verb. But yon might as well commence young to learn that them words in one way or another cause two-thirds of the botheration that occurs in this life. " "Please, can I quit school, then?" "No. It wouldn't be any use. You couldn't dodge 'em, and you might as well go right along and get as familiar with them as possible. You'll fiud that Learnin 'em ain't half the worry that Jiaiullin 'em is after you know 'em. Chêer up, Johnuy. and renieniber tliat most of voui' tronble is still ahead of you. "-


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