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The muskrat legislature is falling over ...

The muskrat legislature is falling over ... image
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The muskrat legislature is falling over itself in its desire to please th railroads. Om1 congress and legislatures bave been indulging in much talk receutly but actions dnring the past week have been scarce. The Pingree measures are being knocked out in the legislature at Lansing. Anything the railroads want seems to go. The Dingley bill is said o be even a higlir tarifï bill than was the McKinley. When will the people learn that the remedy for hard times is not higher taxes. The homeopathie removal faction sustained their first defeat in the legislature this year, in their failure to pass the constitutional amendment providing for the placing of the regents of the University under the control of the legislature. The New Jersey city elections on Tnesday of this week resnlted in heavy democratie gains. Patterson eleots a democratiu mayor f or the seooud time in its history. Thus the home of the vice president joins the home of the president in tnrning their local affairs over to the democrats. Jersey City replaces a republican with a democratio mayor with over 3,000 majority. Newark goes democratie. The otber cities eiiher elect democrats or show heavy democratio gains on the majorities hitherto given repnblicans. Thus all the spring elections are fnll of enconragement for the democraoy and indícate bow dearly the people love to have tbeir tarín: tases raised.


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