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Sixty-niue flags will be uaed in the decoration of the arrnory for the military ball next Tuesday evening. Tbe childreu's program afternoon at GraDger's academy has been postponed for one week, Saturday, the 24th. The membera of Welch Post, No. 137, G. A. R., have been invited to attend tbe military ball next Tuesday evening in uniform. Tbe Fruit and Flower Mission gofc $50 24, as their share of the proceeds of the U. of M. Comedy Club entertainment, "The Private Secretary." While going to the lecture at University hall Tuesday evening, Mrs. D. Cramer had the misfortune to f all and fracture the bones of her right wrist. Purf. Pattengill is acting superintendent of public schools during Prof. Perry's illnesd and Mr. F. P. Partridge ia doing Piof. Pattengill'a class work. The newly elected justioe of the peace, John L. Duffy, took the oath Wednesday morning before Deputy County Clerk Philip Blum. His duties will begin July 4. Edwin Rawden, formerly publisher of the Oakley News, Oakley, Mich., bas opened a job office in the rooms formerly occnpied by the Ann Arbor Demoorat over the First National Bank. The Fruit and Flower Mission would be very grateful if the comraittees in charge of the decoratious at the various churches would dónate the flowers to be used for the patieuts at the hospital. If word is left with Mrs. J. N. Martin tbe flowers will be called for. The follpwing seniors in the high sehool have been chosen to take part in the exercises of oommencement day: The Misses Florenoe Bowen, Mary Bradshaw, Bessie Cordly, Lucia Lyon, Emina Kapp, Uarmilla Ryan and E. Emma Taylor, and Messrs. H. R. Brown, Jay Fox, Clareuce Hughes and Theophilus Zimmermau. Congressman SpalJing has reoommendecl George Burkhart as postrnaster at Saline, in plaoe of John Gillen whose term expires in June and who will undoubtedly serve until the expiration of his four yearH. The congressmau at the same time reccmmended Doe. A. W. Smith as postmaster at Adrián and Capt. J. B. Shull as postmaster at Tecumseh. Mail Carrier George Blum was soruewbat surprised Weduesday morning wben a little dog dropped at his feet a spectacle case and speotacles. He was still rnoro surprised at the extraordinary intelligence displayed by the animal when on looking at the articles he found them to be his own, wbich he had lot a short time before. The deg was a great deal more houest than a good many people who fiüd things tbat do not belong to them and whose perceptiuu of intelligence between right and wrong is so low that they ruake no attempt to flnd the owner of the articles they find. Good for the dog. At the meeting of the board of public works held Wednesday evening it was recomraeuded to the council that vitrifled brick be permitted in sidewalk oonstruction in place of stone or cement. Agent Hayes, of the Michigan Central railway was invited to confer with the board with reference to the viaduct over the railroad on Detroit st. ; the repair of Detroit st. was ieft with President Smith; the president was directed to proceed against all plumbers vi ilatiug plumbing rules; the coping and sod by the side of the Congregational church were ordered replaced at the expense of Contraotors Sharp & Scbultz.


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