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Confessed His Guilt

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"Mr. Beakes I am tbe man who has been robbing the Ann Arbor postofíice." Suoh were the words whioh greeted the postra aster wheu he answered the bell at his residenoe at abont 11 o'clock Sunday night aud founc Glenn A. Trowbridge, the assistant mailing clerk, standing tbere. For sorne months it has been definite]y known that sonie one was abstracting ruoney froni letters in the Ann Arbor postoffice aud also government fnnds from the oífice. These thefts ■were periodic aud it was not until recently that they became nurnerous enongh to afford the necessary opportnnities for deteotion, the more espeoially as all the thefts were very cleverly doue and all the usual decoy schemes carefnlly avoided. A vast arnouut of work was done on the oase and tbe toils were gradually but surely woven arouud the guilty party, when the confession of Sunday night terminated the long strain under whioh tbe heads of the offioe had been laboring and for the first time revealed to tbe office forcé the watch which had been kept over thein during the past year. Trowbridge was taken in charge by Marshal Sweet and Officer Collins before morning but was not placed under arrest until in accordanoe witb prearraugement be aooompanied the postmaster to Detroit Monday morning, being met on the train by Postoffioe Inspector Larmour. He was arraigned before Coruruissioner Graves and held under fl,000 bail to await the action of the grand jury in Jnne, the bail being furnisbed Wednesday. Trowbridge ackuowledges taking abont 200 trom lettere, principally iucoming mail, and an amouut slightly larger from the postruaster, whioh was takeu from the postofflce safe. Drafts or ohecks, whioh he obtained, weit destroyed and complaints of the loss of these were inuoh more numerous than thac of the loss of money. Trowbridge was 21 years of age last November. He had none of what are oidiDarily termed the small vioes and had the good opinión of all who were acquainted with bim. He had been 8 clerk in the postoffioe since September, 1894, having passed the higbest civil service ext-mination ever passed at this office. He was a very efficiënt workman and a young man of mnch more thau ordinary intelligeuce and information. In another month or two, had he been strir.tly honest, he would probably have been promoted to a position drawing doublé the salary be was getting and wonld then have been receiving a larger increase in salary than his peculations were amountiug to.


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