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Real Estate Transfers

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John B. Corliss to Maiy Ward, Ann Arbor, $2,00. Isabella Collins to Ira Lynch, Ypsilanti, 400. John F. Buck et al. to August Binder and vvife, Pittsfield, $2,000. Louisa A. Chubb et al. to Edwin E. Patterson, Nortbfleld, $1. James MoCann and wife to Ulysses S. Knisley, Ypsilanti, $600. Abraham Meyer to David Meyer, Lodi, $1. Elizabeth K. Weimer to Mary Kern et al., Ann Arbor, $1. John Immer and wife, by sheriff, to James Lowery, executor, Bridgewater, $4,135. Clara L. Shute et al. to Samuel Post, Ypsilanti, fl,000. Wm. P. Campbell, by administrator, to James Campbell, Manchester, f 1,710. Charles S. Corey and wife to Mary A. Corey, Ypsilanti, $1. Stephen Smith et al. to Frederick Kapp, Northfleld, $1,300. Ann Arbor R. R. Co. to Eugene Gulligan, Northfield, $1. Patriok Gallagher and wife to George Zeeb, jr., and Frederick Zeeb, Northfield, $2,000. Peninsular Savings Bank, Detroit, to John V. Sheehan, Ann Arbor, f 1. Carrie Rose et al. to Andrew J. Sawyer, Ann Arbor, $650. Charles W. Wagner and wife to Lewis H. and C. R. Sweetland, Lodi, $1,400. Cordelia J. Leach tcf C. J. Downer, Lima, $1,500. James V. Robison and wife to O. M. Martin, Ann Arbor, $300. Eugene B. Hall and wife to Olivia B. Hall, Ann Arbor, $700.