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Turks Have Domokos

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Athens. May 18.- Disregardful of the powers' promise to check Edhem Pasha's army while peace terms were being discussed, the sultan's forces have never for a moment halted in their advance upon Athens. Greece is not wholly blameless; Colcnel Manos' latest effort to snatch víctory in Epirus was as much in violatlon of the temporary armistiee as was Edhem Pasha's victorious attack on the Greeks' Thessalian headquarters in Domokos Monday. These are the principal developments of the last twenty-four hours: Edhem Pasha's army has occupied Domokos, from whieh Prince Constantine's Greek army of 35.000 men, after a desperate all-day battle with 50,000 apsailants, has retreated. The Greeks have abandoned Almyros, which has been occupied by 1,500 Turks. General Smolenski is retreating- on Kephalosi. Colonels Vassos and Limbrieis started for the front with the whole of the garrison of Athens. Next Staid of the Greeks. It is expected the next stand of the beaten. ill-officered, puorly-equipped but magnificently oourageous Greek troops wil] be in the pass of Thermopylae, which Leónidas, with 300 Spartans, successfully defended against a huge Persian army. The Greek fleet, which has been ingloriously inactive throughout this war. wil! be able to shell themountain defiles through which the invading Turkish army must move to attack the pass. The factthatthe wholeAthensgarri&on has been sent to the front proves that the government is at last convinced of the futility of parleying with the vietoriotis Turks, and means to stake everything on a final battle in the pass where the moit glorious page in all thn history of the Hellenic people was written.


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