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Delighted With Ann Arbor

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in an interview with the Detroit Jnurnal reporter Calve said she carne to Ann Arbor under protest, and frorn her other utterances to him it is to be inferred that she also left vinder protest - that she could uofc stay here longer. She was charmed with everything, the streets, the trees, the people, and even the dogs. "Oui, it ees deligbtfnl !" she said to the sciibe, "the trees, the grass, all so, so, green. Ah, 'tis indeed like a village in my southern Prance. Here people live with nature, not with the wine bottle. It ees beautifnl, heaveniy." Asked if she was afraid of Jier audience, she said "Oh, yes, I was afraid. I was more afraid than I have ever feit in this country. I was more afraid that night than on my first appearance in America at New York. You are critica!. I have heard of yon. Campanari had told me that I might be bissed. My heart almost stoppedbeating. My throat seemed to bnrn. Bnt tben it passed and Isacg." And Calve smiled as m neb as to say, "When I sang I had fchem for good:" "Miohigan, where I have travelled, is so beautifnl. It is so green. And Detroit," she spoke almost enthnsiastically. "It is a beautify city. The drives are so olean, and Belle Isle so country like. Yes, Detroit is very, very attractive. I should like to spend a week there. But this city pleases me more. It is small, and when I was told that they were to bring me here I cried. It seemed so very small. But now I know different. New York could not turn oot a greater audience nor an audience more cultivated. They know musiĆ³, ah, yes, they know music in this - what place is it, mademoislle - ah, yes, Anti Arbor. And they said the hotels were so poor. If I had known they were so good as tbey are I shonld not have remaiued behind in Detroit. I have never been moreoourteously treated anywhere on this trip than here. They have all been good to me, and I like them, yes, very much." "Did your voice hurt yonr throat Priday night when yon stopped to try fur a high note?" asked the Journal. Clave smiled, and would you believe it, she winked. "Yes," she said with a giggle that would have driven an Ann Arbor school girl pink with envy, "it hurt me very, very inuob, bad. It does sometimes - when I want it to. " Then Calve broke forth in a laugh.


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