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A Simple Tire Repair

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Punctures in the well knowa Morg-an & Wright tire are mended about as easily as a man would close a hole in his fing-er with a bit of court piaster. Inside of the inner tube of the tire lies a strip of rub. ber, like this: By injecting M. & W. quick-repair cement through the.puncture iato this inner tube, and then pressing down on the tire with the thumb, like this, the repair strip inside is picked up by the cement, thus closiag the puncture, like this : Very simple, but - now every rider should remember these two "buts," or he will f ail : Before injecting cement, pump up the tire. If you don't, the inner tube will be flabby, like this, and the cement will not get inside of it, where the repair strip lies. When you have a puncture, get right off. Riding a tire flat, when it has a tack or nail in it, may damage it coasiderably.


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