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Washington, June 15.- The Hawaiian annexation treaty will not go so smootlily through the senate as many think. If President McKinley persists in his present intention and sends in the treaty with the expeíation oL ratificación before adjournment of the special session, he is destined either to disappointment or to have congress on his hands for a long time to come. "It's too important a matter to dismiss, without the most careful consideration," Senator Mitchell of Wisconsin said. Not Auxious to Extend the "Glad Hand." And he echoes the views of many of the Democrats and a number'of Republican senators, who, while favorably inclined toward annexation, are, nevertheless, disposed to examine the question in all its details before annexins territory so far away from home and inhabited largely by a class of people to whom we would not be anxious or willing to extend the glad hand of welcorm to these shores. Thirty senators would be sufficient to prevent its ratification, and it is thought probable that there are many who would refuse to let it come to a vote before the most thorough discussion, even if they did not vote against it when it came for the senate to say whether or not the treaty should be ratified.


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