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It it reportad that at the Saline pionee...

It it reportad that at the Saline pionee... image
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It it reportad that at the Saline pioneer meeting Senator Andrew Campbell said that he had never been any place wbere he feit the need of invoking the aid of Almighty God more tban in the state senate. And more thau one of his aoditors thonght that the aid tbns invoked was not extended, judging by the results. The sentiment at the Saline pioneer meeting whioh seemed to be awardedthe greatest rueed of applanse was thafcnttered by Mrs. Warner, of Tpailanti town, who is reported to have said tbat if the ladies oould not have sent better representativos to Lansing than were sent from Washtenaw connty this year it wonld be better to have the connty go nnrepresened. Those bicyclers who want good roads Ehould make a big demonstration of their strength at the Foutth of July celebration to be held in this oity, July 3. The whole connty will be out on that occasion and the bicycle contingent conld be made to form an imposing part of the big parade. It will be an objeot lesson of voting strength to the various road officers of tne connty, nearly all of whoni will be present on that occasion. The ordinance oommittee has not yet reported a bicycle ordinance, such an one as to becoraing a oryingneed in this city, blessed as we are with snch a rnul titnde of bioycles. The nearing completion of the Whitmore Lake bioycle path should oall the attention of the bicyclers themselves to the need of carrying lights at night. This bicyole path is a narrow way with a deep ditch on each side, and nnless lights are carriec inany a bicycler will oome to grief in collisions in the gloaming. Those cyolers who oarry lights will still be ai the mercy of those who do not. The rernedy is siruply for the oity to reqnire all night riders to carry lights. If this is done all eyclers on the Whitmore Lake path will soon be equipped with lanterns. All the progressive oities of the country have bicyole ordinances. Let us have one - not the nonsensical proposition to lioense bicyoles, but an ordinance requiring them to turn to tbe right when passing other vebioles, to carry lanterns at uight, etc. This ordinance protects the bicyolers themBelves and will rnake it possible for carriages to be in the streets at uight.


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