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The Children's day exercises at the several churches last Sunday were largely attended and very interesting. The floral designs at the M. C. depot gardena in Ypsilanti this year are the symbols of the order of the JVIystio Shrine. The Goodyear Drug Co., of this city, has flled articles of incorporation with the secretary of state. Capital stook $10,000. Judge N. W. Cheever has handed to the Y. M. C. A. building committee his check for $100 to help swell the ever increasing fund. Air. Albert Degn and Miss Katie L. Henderson were married at the Presbyterian parsonage Monday evening, Rev. J. M. Gelston officiating. Brigadier-General Lyons has picked out "Camp Pingree' as the name for the annual encampment of the Michigan National Guard at Island Lake in August. Invitations have been issued for the S2d annual banquet and reunion of the Anti Arbor high school which takes place at high school hall next Friday evening at 8 o'clock. The marriage of Mr. Howard Bernent, of Lansing, to Miss Margaret Douglas daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Douglas, will take place at St. Andrew's church, Thursday next, June 24, at 7 :30 p. m. Miss Rose E. Burke has resigned her position as teacher in district 16, Ann Arbor town, after four years of successful teaching. The school closed with a very pleasant program Friday evening, June 11. A lady residing on Hill st. has had 13 flowering plants stolen during the past few days. She has vowed hereaiter to see that the plants left out of doors are liberally sprinkled with poison. Flower thieves should beware. - Times. According to the figures of Wm. H. Lay, the necrologist of the Washtenaw County Pioneer Society, the average age of the lll pioneers who died during the past year was 70.96 years, the oldest was 97 years, and six other were over 90 years. At the pioneer meeting in Saline Wednesday of last week, Senator Andrew Campbell scored Governor Pingree very hard and spoke of him as "Our illiterate and vaoillating chief executive." That's hard on the governor, but then Andrew is "vera prood o' his book-leamiu' and his speech makin" powers. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Meyers, Thursday, June 10, a baby girl. A baby boy, the first arrival, graces the home of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Brown, of Geddes ave. Freddy Daley will sing for the Young Men's Sunday Evening Club at the Congregational church Sunday evening. TJre date for the Y. M. O. A. excursion to Detrn r hiia been fixed at Thursday, Jnly 15, atij the rates at 85 cents for the roubii trip. Chris Bronner delivered a carload of Deering binders to purchasers on Monday. This is the second narload of these popular machines he has sold this season. In the case of Charles F. Kayser vs Farmers & Mechamos bank tried in the circuit court Saturday murning Judge Kinne denied the motion for a new trial. A garne of baseball between the employees of the Inlaad Press office aod a pioked nine from tbe printers of the other offices of the oity is on the tapis and will be pulled off in the near future. Congressman Spalding on Friday nominated Dr. Samuel Chapin, republican, of Milan, to succeed Dr. E. F. Pyle, democrat, also of Milan, as a member of the Washtenaw county pension board. Ypsilanti will not celebrate the Fourth of July this year, but she has already registored an invitation to Ama Arbor to help her celebrate the day in glorious style, next year. Good, we'il all be there. The bids for building tbe lateral sewer in district No. 6, which were opened by the board of public works Wednesday night, ranged from $9,987.85 to I 157.37. The contract will be awarded to Schneider Bros., of this city at the former figare. A man from Ann Arbor, who thought he had a horse tbat could clean np anything in "these diggins, " was in town last Saturday afternoon, (June 5). Dan Hoey happened to be in town with nis pacer and of course accomodated hirn with a race, whioh Dan won hands down. - Dexter Leader. The supervisors of the several wards of the city commenced the review of the tax rolls in "executive ession" on Tnesday morning. The star ohamber oourse will oontinue all this week, but on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next the people who have "grievances" will be entitled to a hearing. Saturday morning Judge Kinne issued his decree in the case of the City of Ann Arbor vs.. Kobert Hunter. It declares the oíd mili pond on W. Washington st. a publio nuisance and orders that it be abated forthwith. This deoree will be hard on Mr. Hunter and the eleotric light works, but will be welcome news to the residents of that section. The Ann Arbor Browns defeated the Atlantis of Ypsilanti at that place on Monday in a game of baseball. The Browns were considerably strengthened by Condón the U. of M. first baseman, who covered himself with glory by his good work in that position and at the bat where his hits included a single, a doublé and two triples. The score at the end of the game stood 20 to 18. Much interest has been exoited by a friendly contest between Prof. Frank Dixon, of the U. of M., Mrs. Guthe,' wife of the professor of Physics, Mrs. Belle K. Edson, principal of the third ward scnool, and Hugh Brown, director of the Home S'udy Association. They are all competing for tbe $500 prize offered by the Century Magazine for tbe most ingenious set of answers to 150 questions dealing with history, literature, science and art. It is to be hoped tbat some one of them will bear away the palm, for the honor of Ann Arbor. A treat is certainly offered to men of Anü Arbor by the Y. M. C. A. in giving thein an opportunity to hear the following well known speakers at the Y. M. C. A. rooms next Sunday at 2 :45 p. in. A. L. Parker, general secretary of the Detroit Association, C. H. Hollister, president of the Grand Rapids Association, W. A. Kling, state seoretary of Ohio, H. G.VanTuyl, chairman of state eommittee, Mr. Moody, president of the Detroit Association, and Mr. Sutherland, of Detroit. A good interesting talk may be expeoted from eaoh speaker. A oold drink to quench the thirst will be given. The Presbyterian ladies leared $20 t their sooial Tuesday evening. D. L. Quirk, the Ypsilanti banker, celebrated his 80ch birthday Tuesday. The A. O. U. W. cleared $50 by their axcursion to Detroit Tuesday, selling 393 tickets. Justice Andrew E Gibson smiles ov?,r the arrival of a junior jnstice at his home Wednesday. John Knight, of Pittsfield, died Tuesday of heart disease, aged 82 years. Be leaves a wife and three children. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ware, of the north side, have an addition to their family in the shape of a yonng mail oariier bom Saturday morning. The C. E. Society of the Germán Lutheran o mroh gives a lawn sooial this evenicg at the home of Mrs. Fritz, jornBr of Liberty and First sts. Becker, the bicycle rider who broke the track record in Ypsilanti last week, broke his collar bone in a collision in Plint, Tuesday. He was bound to break something. The seoond annual exhibition of school work of the Fifth ward Dupils will be held at the school building, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons of aext week, June 22 and 23. The board of education has raised Mrs. Sunderland's salary in the high 3chool from $600 to $750, by a vote of i to 3, the board standing : Yeas - Bower, Mack, Eberbach, Smith; nays - Scott, Bach, Beal. Morris C. Sherwood and Misï Jennie Hamilton, both of Ypsilanti, were married Tuesday evening. at the Ypsilanti Congregatioanl chnroh in the presence of 150 invited guests. The wedding was a beautiful one. "Genius, Fame and the Comparison nf Races," is the titla of a pamphlet :rom tbe pen of Chas. H. Cooley of the Universitfy, issued by the American Academy of Politics and Social Science, Phil. It is highly spoken of by oritics. The Ann Arbor Bailroad now sells 500 and 1,000 mil-e mileage books, for $10 and $20 respeetively, good for two years. This is a decided move in the direotion of a two cent a mile fare as the 1,000 mile books are good for the usa of the family of the person to whom tbey are issued. The Detroit MaBonio temple will be formally dedic'ated to Masonry on Thursday next, Jane 24, St. John 's day, an important date in Masonio observance. The management of the dedication has been placed in the hands of tbe presiding offlcers of the Masonio bodies of Detroit, who form an executive committee of the temple associatíon for the event. Tbe K. O. T. M. and L. O. T. M. attended diviDe serivce at the English Lutheran church Snnday morning and Rev. W. L. Tedrow preached an eloquent and appropriate sermón. In the afternoon the K. O. T. M., headed by Becker's Military Band, marched to Forest Hill cemetery and held memorial services according to the ritual and decorated the graves of deceased brothers. The I. O. O. F. of this city bas chosen next Sunday as its annual memorial day, and will appropriately observe the same. In the morning a oommittee will -visit tbe north side cemetery and decórate the graves of departed rnembers of the order with flowers. In the afternoon services will be held and the graves decorated in Forest Hill cemetery. During the horse play in the senate chamber at the close of the late session of the legislature two large holes were torn by flying books in the painting of Lafayette. The painting is life-size, and was brought from Paris half a oentury ago by Luoius Lyons, and subseqently presented to tbe state by Gen. Cass. It is valned at $1,000. That is to say, more damage was done by the boodlum acts of supposedly respectabla "gentlemen" than all the acts passed during the session were worth. Our streets are beautifully muddy today. The 3,000 bioyolers in the city, whose rights and convenience merit consideration, are foroed by laok of nnpaved streets, to walk or pay Street oar fare. - Times Of course, just the same as the 12,000 people for whose use the sidewalks were constrncted do. - Democrat. Don't see why a bicycler is any better than other people that their "rights and conveniences" should be especially considered, but then some psople arrógate a great deal to themselves at any time. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walz, on Sunday evening, a baby boy. Mrs. Julia B. Hall, of Dexter, has been granted a widow's pension. Sixty of the 80 graduates of the high school will enter the uuirersity nest fall. Henry Rahr was sent to jail for five days Wednesday by Justice Pond for drunkenness. The Ypsilanti bicycle club held a meeting yesterday afternoon to boom a bicycle path. The Ypsilanti Light Guards will be inspected by Gen Case and Capt. Gardner next Monüay night. Bsoker's Military Band will give an exonrsion to Whitmore Lake Sunday for 35 oents for the round trip. M. M. Seabolt removes his laundry July 1 to the store on Hnron st. formerly oconpied by the Salyer Grocery Coi Mrs. Henry Apfel, Mrs. Geo. Apfel and two daughters, Hazel and Elsa, leave for Duluth next week for a few weeks visit with Henry Apfel and wife. A sligbt blaze at 46 E. Catherine st., oansed by a gasoline stove explosión, oalled out the fire department riday afternoon, bnt tbeir services wère )ct needed. Eighteen or 20 new guest rooms, fitted with bath room and other modem conveniences will be added to the Cook house this summér, a four story addition being erected. The Unitarian lawn party, which was expeoted to be held next Saturday afternoon on the grounds of Prof. Russell, is postponed to a future time, hereafter to be announced. Barney Morrison gpt a sentence of five days in jail Monday from Justice Pond, with the assurance that the next time he appeared at the justice's "bar" drunk he would get 90 days at the D. H. C. Flag day was not very generally observed last Monday. Aside from the flags which floated fiom the public buildings and some private honses the display of stars and stripes was very meager. George Sanzi, substitute mail carrier, has been officially transferred to the position of assistanc mailing clerk to sncceed Glenn A. Trowbridge. Ernest Lutz succeeds Mr. Sanzi as substitute mail carrier. The greatest ball game of the season, hat between the University Senate and ;he high school professors asfisted by ;he board of education, did not come off Vednesday as scheduled on aoocunt of he rain but was postponed until touorrow afternoon at 4 o'olock. W. C. Haight has been awarded a riz9 of 150 offered by C. M. Burton 'or the best essay dealing witn the his;ory of the nortbwest. His subject was "The Binding Eff'ect of tbe Ordinince of It will be pnblisbed by ;he Political Soience Association. One or two important bilis - imporant to taxpayers, at least - have bekome laws, among them being an aot providing for the publication of the proceedings of annual school meetings, md an annual financial statement in raded school districts. Also for the printing or writing of financial statements of township for distribution at the innaal town meeting. The lawn social and electric car ride in connection with the English Lutheran ohacrh Satarday nigbt was particifiated in by about 400 people. One of the attractions at the social not down Dn the program was the wedding of Mr. Carl A. Bruch and Miss Helen C. East, who were married by Rev. W. L. Tedtow, at their own request, in the presBnce of the whole assemblage. The Ladies' clnb met at the home of Mrs. Francia Stofflet Thursday afternoon of last week. A large number were present from Hamburg, Pittsfield and this city. Dainty refreshments were served consisting of strawberries, cream, cake and other delicacies of the season, after which the drawing of the completed quilt took place. It was awarded to the honorary member, who in oonsequence is obliged to treat the club, fíe has not as yet, annonnced what it will be, but Don't-You-WishYou-Knew ?- Times. The eighth anniversary of the Second Baptist church, of this city, will be observed nest Sunday, June 20, continning until Sunday, June 27. Several leading clergymen of the city and from other places will particípate. The occasion promise8 to be enjoyable and healthfal to all who are interested in every good work. Lectures, concerts, eto., will be the nature of the week nights' festivity. The great objet is to arouse both spiritual and financial interest in church work and pay off an indebtedness resting on the church.